DemoVoxLab is my vocal laboratory where you will find all face-to-face and online courses, workshops, webinars and useful indications for following a specific educational path. Since 1992 I have been carrying out an intense teaching activity in various schools and privately in my studio in Turin and Cuneo and in several European Countries and USA. The lessons have a stylistic orientation ranging from pop/rock to jazz and are aimed at solving the specific problems of individual students. For this purpose, a very broad program is proposed which embraces vocal technique, ear training, the creation of a repertoire, interpretation and improvisation (for jazz lovers), starting from the basics of music theory and harmony.

It starts from becoming aware of the vocal instrument, through exercises aimed at mindfulness-derived proprioception, to then develop the technique and improve control of the instrument in all its aspects. Practical exercises are then proposed, supplemented by notions of anatomy, physiology and acoustics. The reference vocal technique is the EVT Estill Voice Training (VoiceCraft) system, for which I obtained the Estill Master Trainer license in 1998.

Since 2000 I have been offering courses in Choir and (since 2013) in Collaborative Vocal Improvisation (following Rhiannon’s Vocal River) and Circlesinging, currently active in Turin and Cuneo, as well as through one-two day workshops in various European countries (Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Belgium, England…) and USA.
The workshops are for anyone who uses the voice: actors, teachers, singers, etc…
Advanced workshops are also offered for Collaborative Vocal Improvisation (Singfulness™ method) as well as for jazz improvisation.

Singfulness™ is an experiential training model co-created with Barbara Gherra.
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